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Topic: Divine Assistance

Yonatan, Israel wrote:
Dear Rabbi,

Can G-d make me pass the bagrut [matriculation] exams? Please respond as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Yonatan,

Yes, G-d can do anything.

But G-d doesn't "like" doing miracles very often. G-d made natural laws and wants us to follow these laws. The word "ha-olam" (the world) is related to the world "he'elem" (concealment). G-d made the world as a place in which to "hide," and it is our job to find G-d. Open miracles take away our free will to do this, because they make G-d's existence too obvious.

So, if someone wants G-d to do a miracle, he has to pray for G-d to do a hidden miracle. In your case, for example, you need to study very hard, study for as much time as you have, and pray for G-d's help. Then, if G-d does perform a miracle, no one will know! You yourself may not even realize it!

So, study hard, pray hard, and let me know what happens.

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