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Topic: Kosher, Desire to Eat Non-

Philipp wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Do you ever feel the need or the urge to eat pork?

Dear Philipp,

No, not really. But by the same token, I've never had a real urge for whale, camel, elephant, crow, or any unkosher meat. (Though I have eaten my hat on a number or occasions.)

I must admit, I'm personally repulsed by the thought of eating pork, although this may not be a "kosher" attitude! Our Sages teach us a fascinating idea: Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel says, "Don't say 'I don't want to eat meat with milk...rather say "I want to, but what can I do, G-d has decreed that I must not." So, it's OK - even desirable, perhaps - for a Jew to have the urge to eat pork, but nevertheless to refrain due to G-d's decree.

The famous Torah giant Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky was the head of the Torah Voda'ath Talumdic Academy in Brooklyn, New York. Near the academy was a non-kosher pizza shop. Walking past the pizza shop one day with his students, Rabbi Kaminetsky stopped, took a deep whiff and said "Ah! It smells so delicious!"

  • Torat Kohanim Parshat Kedoshim

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