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 Butter, Kosher?
       Forbidden Fats
       Animal Fats, Kosher?
       Kosher Fats & Butter
 Oragami on Shabbos
       Shabbos & Oragami
 Blood Transfusions
       Transfusions, Blood
 Shabbat, Glow In The Dark Toys
       Glow In The Dark Toys And Shabbat
 Borer, Shabbos, Children
 Motion Detectors on Shabbat
       Shabbat, Motion Detectors
 Magnets, Muktza
       Muktza, Magnets
       Shabbat, Muktza Magnets
 Lies, Permitted
       White Lies
 Shabbat, Mail
       Mail, Shabbat
 Shabbat, Catering
       Catering on Shabbat
       Working as a Caterer on Shabbat
 Fish & Meat, Eating Together
       Meat & Fish, Eating Together
       Eating Fish & Meat Together
 Shabbat, E-Mail
       E-Mail, Shabbat
 Earrings, Damaging one's body?
       Tattoo, Removing
 Wishing Well
       Coins, Wishing Well
 Fishing, Permissible for Sport?
 Jogging, Shabbat
       Shabbat, Jogging
 Pru u'Rvu, How Fruitful?
       Birth Control, Permitted?
       Brith Control
       Large Families, Having
       Fruitful & Multiply, How Fruitful?
 Restroom, Reading Book With God's Name
       Bathroom, Reading Book With God's Name
       Book With God's Name, Reading in Bathroom
       God's Name, Reading Book in Bathroom
       Water Closet, Reading Book With God's Name
 Peanut Oil = Kitniot?
       Kitniot, Why not for Ashkenaz
       Kitniot = Peanut Oil?
 Shabbat, playing Scrabble on
       Shabbat, playing Monopoly on

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