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Jacks the Rabbi

Purim Special

Presidential Riddle


When are your Shabbat Candles like a United States President?

(Riddle submitted by Binyamin Franklin)

Answer: When they’re A’blinkin’!

Jack's The Rabbi

Miss Understanding


Richard Fader from Ft. Lee, NJ wrote:

Dear Jack,

With all due respect, I have a complaint: Often as one of your sources you mention the "Bad Baloney and Talmud." What is this "Bad Baloney and Talmud?" Whatever it is, how you can expect to be taken seriously when citing such a source? Are you referring to the rock group "Bad Baloney" (which happens to be an excellent band) or to actual decayed cold cuts (if so, your spel cheker is broken). How can "Jack’s the Rabbi" refer to something even Oscar Meyer would turn up his nose at? Your very reputation is at stake (no pun intended)! If you’re smart you’ll take my advice and never again refer to this so called "Bad Baloney and Talmud."

Dear Richard Fader,

Thanks for your comments. Actually, we refer only to the "Babylonian Talmud" — the Oral Law as compiled in Babylon in the 5th century CE. We never refer to the source you mentioned.

Richard Fader from Ft. Lee, NJ responds:

Never mind.

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