Purim Timeline

by Rabbi Mordechai Becher
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(422 BCE)

  • Destruction of 1st Temple - Tisha B'Av
  • Nebuchadnezar
  • Jeremiah, Ezekiel
  • Prophecies of destruction and exile, Prophecies of return
  • Babylonian Exile, Daniel and Ezra
(373 BCE)

  • Proclamation of Cyrus, Return to Israel
  • Persian Empire
  • Minority returns with Nehemiah in Nissan
(371 BCE)

  • Foundations laid for Second Temple
  • Medes Empire
(370 BCE)

  • Achashverosh (or Cambys, Cyrus's son) stops construction
(369 BCE)

  • Banquet in Shushan using vessels of Temple
(365 BCE)

  • Cyrus dies, Ahashverosh becomes sole ruler
(359 BCE)

  • Renewal of settlement in Israel, including Golan and East Bank
(352 BCE)

  • Purim - Mordechai and Esther
  • Second Temple completed 70 years after destruction
  • The Great Assembly, Shimon HaTzadik
  • Alexander of Macedon
  • Establishment of Prayers, End of Prophecy

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