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The Other Side of the Story - Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

We sometimes rely on preconceived notions and prejudice when we look at a situation. When the evidence weighs heavily against a person, judging favorably require us to drop old outlooks and open up to fresh ways of thinking. You never know when there might be...

Something New Cooking

The setting: The fully staffed, kosher kitchen of an educational institution. A staff member, Mr. Lewis, in the kitchen on an errand, noticed something wrong. Such a big, efficient kitchen, with only one stove? Surely the kashruth standards would be enhanced with separate stoves for meat and dairy. Mr. Lewis approached the chef, "Uncle Ben," with his idea. "I've run this kitchen since you were in knickers, and we don't need any advice!" replied Uncle Ben. Not a little taken aback, Mr. Lewis persisted. "Nope," said Uncle Ben. "No need for it." So, Mr. Lewis presented his idea to the principal. "We've got no budget for it," said the principal. "But if you feel it's important and would like to donate one, I have no objection." The next day Mr. Lewis bought a stove top and a table to put it on. He set it up in the kitchen. "I've got the principal's approval," he told Uncle Ben. "I hope the stove will prove helpful." When Mr. Lewis later popped in to check on the new arrangement, he couldn't believe his eyes: The table was knocked over and the stove lay on the floor. "The nerve of that Uncle Ben! Knocking over the new stove like that," he thought. Mr. Lewis picked up the table, set it off to the side and put the stove on it. Later he returned, looking for Uncle Ben. Again, the table was knocked over and the stove lay on the floor! "He's wild! Out of control," he thought. "I'd better not approach him. Who knows what he'll do to me?" Mr. Lewis bent to pick up the table, and noticed that the stove top was banged up. "From two good pushes!" said Mr. Lewis with clenched teeth.

Just then, a kitchen worker walked in. "Thanks for the new stove, Mr Lewis. It was a really great idea. Even Uncle Ben liked it when he saw it. We'll need to replace that table, though; it only stands for a short while, and then it buckles under. Must be a defective leg..."

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Based on "The Other Side of the Story" by Mrs. Yehudis Samet, ArtScroll Series

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