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The Other Side of the Story - Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

If you see or hear of something that sounds quite foreign, don't make a snap judgment, because maybe the "cow jumped over the moon" as in the case of the…

Two Tales Of Two Sisters

I once had a shirt that I really loved. One day, I was walking out of my room and I saw my sister wearing the same one. I got upset, and ran to my room. My shirt was missing. I decided not to say anything to my sister, because maybe she had just bought the same shirt, and I didn't know. Later that day my sister came to me with the shirt and said, "Mommy put this in my room by mistake, and I thought it was mine. Sorry."

One day I had a really big test to study for. My sister was listening in the next room to really loud music. I usually go in and scream at her to turn it down, and she gets mad that I yell at her so she purposely doesn't turn it down. This time I realized that maybe if I go in and ask very nicely, she will turn it down. I went in, said "Please," and surely enough, she turned it down for me.

(Submitted by a Young Ohrnet Reader)

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Based on "The Other Side of the Story" by Mrs. Yehudis Samet, ArtScroll Series

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