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The Other Side of the Story - Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

If you crash during the test of judging others favorably, you might feel like a...

Crash Test Dummy

Hi, I'm sure that it was on the Ohr Somayach site that I saw that you were asking for nice stories on judging favorably. Well I have a nice story for you:

A friend of mine agreed to meet with some girls and help them study for their upcoming exam. She arranged with them to meet one Sunday morning for two and a half hours of study. The night before, even though she was feeling sick, my friend stayed up the whole night preparing and making notes.

On Sunday around 1:30, my friend phoned me to say that her "students" didn't show up, and that she is really hurt and put out after all she did for the lesson she was supposed to give them. She added they are very inconsiderate not to even have the courtesy to phone and tell her they wouldn't be coming.

At about 5:30 pm she phoned me again: The girls had been in a car crash on the way to her house. They had just come home and phoned her to tell her what had happened! What a lesson this was for us!

(An Ohrnet reader in South Africa)

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Based on "The Other Side of the Story" by Mrs. Yehudis Samet, ArtScroll Series

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