The Other Side of the Story - Toot Sweet

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The Other Side of the Story - Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

When the "candy police" blow the whistle, it's...

Toot Sweet

When my firsborn son was a toddler I used to take him to synagogue. On several occasions I saw that he was given a piece of candy by one of the worshippers. I asked this person not to give my son candy but this continued. So I spoke to him again; he denied giving my son a sweet; and I replied that I saw this myself. Then he explained that my son came to him with a sweet and all he did was remove the wrapping paper so my son could eat it! It was another person in the synagogue who was giving out the treats!

This was quite a lesson to me about not jumping to conclusions, for though I thought I saw everything with my own eyes, my immediate conclusion was wrong.

Raphael B. Yehezkael, Jerusalem, Israel

Moral of the story: When a relationship sours, sugar-coat it by judging the other person favorably.

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