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The Other Side of the Story - Giving People the Benefit of the Doubt

Dear Editor,
I have been intending to write a story for OHRNET for months. Finally, the baby is asleep, and only two of the children are at home, so here's my chance. My story is called...

There's A Raisin For Everything

I received a call from a single man that we know. He knows to feel free to call us when he wants to come for a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal. I asked him how he is doing. He told me that he would be leaving to the US for a two-week trip.

Our children love little snack-size raisin boxes, and I have never seen them here in Israel. Moreover, I wanted to add them to our Purim gifts (mishloach manot). I asked him if he could pick up a few bags-full of small raisin boxes. I could hear the hesitation on the other end.

[Editor: This is where it might be easy to have bad thoughts, such as: "What! All the times he's been our guest, and now he can't do us this favor!]

During the few seconds of hesitation my mind went through some thoughts, such as "He probably has a long list of items to buy for people." I remember those trips to the US (especially when I was single) when I would shop for others. Then he told me that he would not have a home base in the US, and he would be carrying his bags everywhere he would go. It was just as I had thought; I knew he had to have a good raisin, I mean reason, for saying no.

P.S. Two other friends who went to the US bought us raisins - enough for the family and enough for mishloach manot.

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Based on "The Other Side of the Story" by Mrs. Yehudis Samet, ArtScroll Series

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