With an Eye on Eternity - Introduction

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With an Eye on Eternity


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The Torah Universe - Its Purpose, Design, and Fabulous Opportunities

This short, self-contained treatise is significant because it presents a panoramic view of the composition and meaning of the universe. It gives us the answers to the elusive riddle of life itself. The important things in a man's life are defined and spelled out clearly. The most crucial questions are addressed and answered. Among them are the following:
What is man's purpose here in the world - and who has put him here? What is expected of him and what may he expect to find here in life? What awaits him after death - all the way to eternity?

In short, this slim volume raises and deals with questions which should gnaw at the mind of every thinking man and allow him no peace of mind until he finds the answers.

Unfortunately, the lives of most people are bogged down by the details and minutiae of their day-to-day existence. Therefore, their compulsive busyness causes them to miss out on the overall picture of the universe's design and purpose. However, were they just once to glimpse our universe as a whole unit through the Torah perspective, many people would be forever affected by its towering structure of unifying ideas and concepts. From that time onward they would come to realize the wondrous planning and organization upon which our world rests and how it has been prepared for man. Although people on their own might never have recognized such meaningful purpose, the Torah perspective equips them with a wide-lens view of the universe which reveals to them their true place in it.

The universe's design and purpose was outlined in short form for our use by Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto, (the RamChal), in his brief "Essay on Fundamentals," of which the following is a new translation. Here, then, is a description of the Jewish conceptual scheme of our world as it emerges from the Torah which was given to the Jewish people through Divine revelation. The only one who can sketch such a blueprint is the Creator Himself. And only by utilizing this blueprint can one find his rightful place in the world.

Y. Lebovits and M. Rosen

Title Page | Table of Contents | Chapter 1
This Book in One Big Document

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