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 Blowing out Candles, follow-up
       Candles, How to Extinguish, follow-up
 Jewish Education for Adults
 Shabbat, Cholent
       Cholent, Definition
 Rabbenu Bachya, Biography
 Minyan, Required for Kaddish
 Travelling to Visit Family on Shabbat
       Family and Shabbat, Travelling by Car
       Shabbat and Family, Travelling by Car
 Chovot Halevavot, Author
 Jewish Continuity
       Marrying Out of the Faith
       Chosen People, Responsibility
 60, Signifigance
       Sixty, Signifigance
 Parents, Obeying to Violate Commandment
 Civilians Being Harmed by Military Actions
       Innocents Being Harmed by Military Actions
       Israel, Defence of
 Academic Evironment, Maintaining Observance
       Observance, Maintaining in Secular Academic Environment
       Torah Study, Constant Need for
       Studying Torah, Constant Need for
       Secular Environment, Maintaining Observance
       University, Maintaining Observance
 Acting In Questionable Play
       Play, Acting in Questionable
 Entertaining Children on Shabbos
       Shabbos, Entertaining Children on
       Shabbos, Television
       Television, Shabbos, Watching on
       Watching Television on Shabbos
       Children, Entertaining on Shabbos
 Kosher, Milk & Meat, Preparing for Non-Jew
       Non-Kosher Food, Cooking for Non-Jew
 Yom Kippur, Not Fasting Because of Health
       Diabetes, Fasting of Yom Kippur
       Fasting, Illness
       Fasting, Purpose

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