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 Sheviti, Definition
 Hallel Not Said on Purim
       Purim, No Hallel
 Herzog, Roman, Source of Speech in Bergen Belsen
       Our Fathers Have Sinned...
 Who Discovered Immunization?
 Masks on Purim
       Purim, Costumes & Masks
       Costumes on Purim
 Sefer Yetzira, Definition
 Archeology & Exodus from Egypt
 Earthquakes & G-D
       G-D, Earthquakes
 Egypt, Jews in
       Exodus, Proof/Disproof
 Lilly - Shoshana
       Shoshana - Rose or Lilly
       Rose - Shoshana
 Eye for an Eye, Explanation of
 Blessing Children Friday Night
 Blessing, Children, on Shabbat
       Children, Blessing on Friday Night
       Shabbat, Blessing Children
 Honoring Step-Father
       Step-Father, Honoring
       Torah, Calling Up as Son of Step-Father
       Step-Father, Being Called the Torah as Son of
 Chilazon, Dye for Tsitsit
       Tsitsit, Source of Dye
       Fringes, Tsitsit, Source of Dye
 Parve, Definition
 Down - Leaving Israel
       Up - Going to Israel
       Israel, Going Up to
       Aliyah, Meaning
 Seder Plate, Circular Order
       Plate, Seder, Circular Order
 Dead Bodies, Unclean / Impure
       Unclean, Death
       Tumah, Death
       Impure, Death
       Sleep, Tumah/Impurity
 Good vs. Religious

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