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 Lulav Position for Lefty
       Lefty, Lulav Position
 Lulav, What to do After Sukkot
       Etrog, What to do After Sukkot
       Sukkot, What to do with Lulav & Etrog Afterwards
 Lieberman, Senator Joseph, Good for Jews & Israel?
       Joseph Lieberman, Good for Jews & Israel?
 Four Directions
 Title of Nobility, Accepting
 Yarmulke, Wearing in Public
       Lieberman, Senator Joseph
       Spirit of Shabbat, In the
       Shabbat Spirit
       Speech on Shabbat
       Talk on Shabbat
       Kippa, Wearing in Public
       Head Covering, Men, Wearing in Public
       Joseph Lieberman
       Joseph Lieberman; Reader's Story of Shabbat With
       Judging Favorably
 Feelings, Others', Judging
       Judging Others' Feelings
 Story About Two Brothers on Mt. Moriah, Source
       Brothers, 2, on Mt. Moriah, Source
 Esav Selling Birthright
       Yaakov Taking Advantage of Esav's Hunger
 Hands, Shaking, Men & Women
       Men & Women Shaking Hands
       Shaking Hands, Men & Women
       Women & Men Shaking Hands
 Marriage, Joint Ceremony with Rabbi & Priest
       Intermarriage, Joint Ceremony with Rabbi & Priest
       Rabbi, Joint Marriage Ceremony with Priest
 Agreements, Verbal
       Yes, Honest
       Verbal Agreements
 Shabbat, Motion Detectors
       Motion Detectors on Shabbat
 E-Mail, Shabbat
       Shabbat, E-Mail
 Shabbat, Work Down Via Kabbalah
       Sefer Yetzirah
       Kabbalistic Creation on Shabbat
       Yetzirah, Sefer

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