Grab a Megillah

by Rabbi Chaim Salenger
Sung to the tune of Hava Negilla
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Grab a Megillah' by Rabbi Chaim Salenger - Sung to the tune of 'Hava Negilla'

Grab a Megillah
and some Tequila
We'll go and swill a
Bottle of Bordeaux

Purim is here so
break out the beer, though
don't get too bleary
eyed 'cause we must go

off to the synagogue
we'll dream of cold eggnog
gunpowder in the air
cap-guns everywhere

Here is the story now
Listen and you'll learn how
all of this happened then
and it could again.

Mor-De-Chai was li-vid
'cause the Jews, they just ignored him,
they went to the feast and poured 'em
Vashti lost her royal head
and Esther she was picked instead
to be the queen
what a scene!
she was sent to save the day.

King Achashverosh
he was so garish
he didn't cherish
any Jewish Soul

Haman and he
decided to be-
come partners, you see
to kill us was their goal

but when those two ingrates
planned to assassinate
King Achashverosh their
plot was quickly nixed

Esther said "Mordechai
Why do you sit and cry?"
He said "I'll tell ya why,
You've got what to fix!"

And-then-Mor-de-chai said
"People we are in a pickle
we're not worth a wooden nickel
We had better think again
and cry a little to Hashem.
'Cause it's no joke
we will croak
if that rasha has his way!"

Esther arranged a
party to change the
mind of her deranged
husband, what a cur.

Haman the blighted
he was invited.
He was delighted
but it was a lure

Leave it to Mordechai,
he was a feisty guy.
He wouldn't ever bow
Haman had a cow.

He built a gallows high
special for Mordechai
he never thought that he'd
be up on that tree.

Ach-ash-verosh could-not
sleep. They read a bedtime story
all about his days of glory.
Mordechai was not
"Who is here?"
the king retorted
Haman came
he was shamed
"Just look out for chamber pots."

We know the rest
the Jews they were blessed
and Haman the pest
was swingin' in the air.

We fought and won
and ev-er-y son
was taken and strung up
with their dad up there.

Then all the Jews said "Hey,
let's make a holiday.
We'll call it Purim 'cause
we've been through a "lots"!

Presents we'll give and take
Hamen-tashen we'll bake
from work we'll take a break
drink until we plotz."

time to think about Hashem
who saves us from each mess we're in
and let it never come again
and maybe if we'll all be friends
we'll pass the test
and be blessed.
Now let's drink some
Purim wine!

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