Top Ten Features Of Yeshiva Food

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Ohr Somayach's Top Ten

Features Of Yeshiva Food

It is forbidden to eat actual food within six hours of having eaten a Yeshiva meal.

When the chicken is served you don't know whether to shave it or eat it.

The cholent closely resembles fossilized remains from the Gobi Desert.

The cholent actually is fossilized remains from the Gobi Desert.

The fat content of the food exceeds that of an entire team of Sumo wrestlers.

The sign on the wall says "If you finish your meal don't forget to say Grace After Meals."

Instead of salt and pepper shakers on the table there is a container of disinfectant and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

On fish days the catch of the day is hepatitis.

There is a ritual slaughter knife at every table ( just in case).

The cook brings a bag-lunch to work.

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