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    Jerusalem Central Campus

Rabbi David Weinberger, Registrar


Ohr Somayach Institutions
22 Shimon Hatzadik St.
POB 18103
Jerusalem 91180, Israel

02-581-0315 in Israel
or 646-502-6584 in USA

02-581-0317 in Israel
or 646-808-0514 in USA

E-mail: [email protected]

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Nearly a quarter of a century ago, a handful of students began meeting with a cadre of teachers in unheated rented quarters. There was warmth and genuine caring, and the studies were conducted in an atmosphere of frank and open dialogue.

Both of these traits - warmth and open dialogue - have continued to characterize Ohr Somayach and to bring the warmth and dialogue of Jewish learning to tens of thousands of students from Capetown to California. Over the years that original nucleus developed into a network of colleges and seminar programs spanning the globe.

The learning experience is at the heart of Ohr Somayach, where every class, every lesson, every new concept a student discovers, pulsates with the lifeblood of Jewish learning. At Ohr Somayach, the guiding principle is Jewish identity through Jewish knowledge. Therefore, it is the quality of education that has made Ohr Somayach the most prestigious institution of its kind in the world...even more than the numbers of students who take part in Ohr Somayach programs around the world which total thousands worldwide.

This prestige is a direct tribute to Ohr Somayach's unique staff of educators both scholarly and worldly, including noted professors from some of the leading universities around the world. This unique team is not only literate, sophisticated and articulate...but creative, dedicated and wise.

Because Jewish education at Ohr Somayach is more than mere "study", it is fully integrated with a profound sense of commitment to Jewish ethics, the Jewish People, and the Jewish Land.

Ohr Somayach students are leadership quality, coming from prestigious universities. They have published works in all areas of Judaic studies that have been hailed by Jewish leaders in Israel and North America. Graduates are serving in communities around the world as effective lay and educational leaders.

The main campus of Ohr Somayach is a hub of activity, comprising a complex of facilities: The Beth Midrash (study hall) building with three floors of classrooms and lecture halls; food services wing, including kitchens, cafeteria and canteen; residence halls, libraries, and the administration block of offices and conference rooms.

Situated on Shimon Hatzadik Street and Jerusalem Highway One, the campus is on a main artery linking old and new Jerusalem. Its location facilitates easy access to all major points of the city. Ohr Somayach accommodates a wide and varied student population:from beginning freshman to graduate students doing independent work on fellowship.

The branches of Ohr Somayach are legally, financially and structurally independent of each other.


Ohr Somayach International is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation (letter on file) EIN 13-3503155 and your donation is tax deductable.