The ice pick struck one last time into the slippery surface and he was there. The climb had been an arduous one, but looking down at the magnificent view from just above the cloud line, made all the effort worthwhile.

Yeshivas Pisga may not take one on a trip to Everest, but it does take one on a summit of another kind of mountain and does give one the gear, guide and map to make sure one reaches the top.

The year after high school is one of the most formative years of a young adult's life. For many, it is the first time away from home for an extended period of time, the first time in a totally foreign culture and the first time when Torah can be confronted, engaged in and absorbed in a completely new and powerful fashion. Scholars have always flocked to Yerushalayim to seek wisdom, and the nine (out of ten) measures of Chochma that the Holy City was bestowed with, still reverberate in every corner and alley way. The powerful voice from Sinai resounds in the streets and carves out the patterns of the clouds, the electricity of a circuit that has charged our people since their birth, pulsates through the air until even a deep breath can enlighten and inspire. Could there be a better way to spend the first year of a new stage of life?

Yeshivas Pisga offers an exclusive yeshiva program located in walking distance of the Old City of Yerushalayim. Its unique academic year starts in January, specifically suiting the needs of southern hemisphere talmidim in Israel. Join us on a journey that will take you to new heights in life, Torah and friendship. Join us in Yeshivas Pisga!