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Featured Book

Our Faith and Strength By Rabbi Naftali Hoffner
(Published by Mosad Eliezer Hoffner
Distributed by Feldheim Publishers)
Out of love for us, the Almighty has directed us to follow His commandments and steer clear of the prohibitions - in accordance with our covenant at Mount Sinai - in order to attain real happiness. However, because of human limitations, this means many challenges have to be met - in our private life as well as part of Klal Yisroel.

At at time when considerable parts of our people stand confused when faced with threats to their existence as Jews - this manual OUR FAITH AND STRENGTH can help us:

  1. to assess the purpose and the challenges of our life;
  2. to serve as a guide for the Torah Jew - living and working in the modern world;
  3. to acquaint us with the very clear answers of our Sages to problems facing us as individuals and as part of Klal Yisroel.

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