For the week ending 12 September 2009 / 22 Elul 5769

Good Neighbor Advice

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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Question: I recently complained to my upstairs neighbor about the disturbing noise late at night caused by his exercise machine only to hear in rebuttal that my washing machine was disturbing him in the early hours of the morning. Since I wish to maintain friendly relations with this good neighbor I would like to know what is the right thing to do.

Answer: Almost all neighborly quarrels result from the reluctance of one party or both to admit they are wrong. There is no doubt that if you explain to your neighbor that you were not aware that you were disturbing him, he will reciprocate with the same explanation about his behavior.

From then on both of you will be more careful in regard to the timing of your noisemaking and neighborly harmony will reign.

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