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For the week ending 17 March 2012 / 22 Adar I 5772

The Red Cow Message

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"It is not the corpse that causes spiritual contamination or the ashes of the Red Cow which cause purity. These laws are Divine decrees and man has no right to question them."

These words of Rabbi Yochanan in the Midrash relate to the special Torah chapter which will be read along with the regular weekly portion this Shabbat.

The opening words of this Parshat Parah are "This is the decree of the Torah." The term “decree” (chukat) applies not only to the purification process of the Red Cow, but also to other laws that are beyond human comprehension. Although our Sages saw many messages in the details of the Red Cow process, it is still shrouded in mystery.

It has been suggested that we learn from our lack of fully understanding the reasons for some mitzvot that we are also incapable of fully comprehending world events and must ultimately rely on our faith that whatever G-d does is for our good.

How important is such faith in these troubled times and only such faith can preserve Israel forever.

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