Parsha Q&A

For the week ending 16 November 2002 / 11 Kislev 5763

Parshat Vayeitze

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  1. When Yaakov traveled to Charan, the Torah stresses that he departed from Beer Sheva. Why?
  2. On the night of his dream, Yaakov did something he hadnt done in 14 years. What?
  3. G-d compressed the entire Land of Israel underneath the sleeping Yaakov. What did this symbolize?
  4. Yaakov said "I will return with shalom." What did he mean by "shalom"?
  5. Why did Yaakov rebuke the shepherds?
  6. Why did Rachel, and not her brothers, tend her fathers sheep?
  7. Why did Yaakov cry when he met Rachel?
  8. Why did Lavan run to greet Yaakov?
  9. Why were Leahs eyes tender?
  10. How old was Yaakov when he married?
  11. What did Rachel find enviable about Leah?
  12. Who was Yaakovs fifth son?
  13. Who was Leahs handmaiden? Was she older or younger than Rachels handmaiden?
  14. How do you say dudaim in Arabic?
  15. "Hashem remembered Rachel" (30:22). What did He remember?
  16. What does "Yosef" mean? Why was he named that?
  17. G-d forbade Lavan to speak to Yaakov "either of good or of bad." Why didnt G-d want Lavan to speak of good?
  18. Where are there two Aramaic words in this weeks Parsha?
  19. Who was Bilhahs father? Who was Zilpahs father?
  20. Who escorted Yaakov into Eretz Yisrael?


    All references are to the verses and Rashis commentary, unless otherwise stated.

  1. 28:10 - The departure of a righteous person leaves a noticeable void in that place.
  2. 28:11 - Sleep at night lying down.
  3. 28:13 - That the Land would be easy for his descendants to conquer.
  4. 28:21 - Completely without sin.
  5. 29:7 - He thought they were loafing, stopping work early in the day.
  6. 30:27 - Her brothers werent born yet.
  7. 29:11 - He saw prophetically that they would not be buried together; or because he was penniless.
  8. 29:13 - He thought Yaakov was carrying money.
  9. 29:17 - She cried continually because she thought she was destined to marry Esav.
  10. 29:21 - Eighty-four.
  11. 30:1 - Her good deeds, thinking they were the reason Leah merited children.
  12. 30:5 - Dan.
  13. 30:10 - Zilpah. She was younger.
  14. 30:14 - Jasmine (Yasmin).
  15. 30:22 - That Rachel gave Leah the "signs of recognition" that Yaakov had taught her, so that Leah wouldnt be embarrassed.
  16. 30:24 "Yosef" means "He will add." Rachel asked G-d for another son in addition to Yosef.
  17. 31:24 - Because the "good" that comes from wicked people is bad for the righteous.
  18. 31:41 - Yagar Sahaduta, meaning "wall of testimony."
  19. 19.31:50 - Lavan.
  20. 32:1 - The angels of Eretz Yisrael.

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