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For the week ending 29 August 2020 / 9 Elul 5780

Parashat Ki Teitzei

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  1. Why must a captured woman mourn her family for a month in her captor's house?
  2. What fraction of the inheritance does a first-born receive if he has: a) one brother, b) two brothers?
  3. What will become of a ben sorer u'moreh if his parents don't bring him to court?
  4. Why is it a degradation to G-d to hang a criminal's body on the gallows overnight?
  5. What do you do if you find a lost object that costs money to maintain?
  6. Why does the Torah forbid wearing the clothing of the opposite gender?
  7. Why does the Torah link the mitzvah of sending away the mother-bird with the mitzvah of making a railing on the roof of your house?
  8. When is it permitted to wear wool and linen?
  9. What three things happen to a man who falsely slanders his bride?
  10. Although the Egyptians enslaved the Jewish People, the Torah allows marriage with their third-generation converts. Why?
  11. Why is causing someone to sin worse than killing him?
  12. If one charges interest to his fellow Jew, how many commandments has he transgressed?
  13. What is the groom's special obligation to his bride during their first year together?
  14. When is a groom required to fight in a non-obligatory war?
  15. What type of object may one not take as collateral?

All references are to the verses and Rashi's commentary, unless otherwise stated.


  1. 21:13 - So her captor will find her unattractive.
  2. 21:17 - a) 2/3, b) 1/2
  3. 21:22 - He will eventually rob and kill to support his physical indulgences.
  4. 21:23 - Because humans are made in G-d's image; and because the Jewish People are G-d's children.
  5. 22:2 - Sell it and save the money for the owner.
  6. 22:5 - It leads to immorality.
  7. 22:8 - To teach that one mitzvah leads to another, and to prosperity.
  8. 22:12 - Wool tzitzit on a linen garment.
  9. 22:18 - He receives lashes, pays a fine of 100 silver selah, and may never divorce her against her will.
  10. 23:8 - Because they hosted Yaakov and his family during the famine.
  11. 23:9 - Murder takes away life in this world, while causing someone to sin takes away his life in the World to Come.
  12. 23:21 – Three: two negative commandments and a positive commandment.
  13. 24:5 - To gladden her.
  14. 24:5 - When he remarries his ex-wife.
  15. 24.6 - Utensils used to prepare food.

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