Love of the Land

Love of the Land - The Consolation of Desolation

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Love of the Land
Selections from classical Torah sources
which express the special relationship between
the People of Israel and Eretz Yisrael


"And I shall make the land desolate and your enemies that dwell in it shall dwell in desolation." (Vayikra 26:32)

In this Torah passage, warning the People of Israel about the exile from Eretz Yisrael if they turn away from observance of the Torah, there is a note of comfort, say our sages.

Our land will never accept our enemies.

This is an extraordinary promise, because you will not find anywhere in the world a land so good and bountiful which was once so developed and is so in ruins. For ever since we left it the land has accepted no other nation, although so many have unsuccessfully tried to settle it.

Ramban, Commentary on the Torah

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Written by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach, Dean, Ohr Somayach Institutions
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