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For the week ending 21 August 2010 / 10 Elul 5770

The Forgotten Letter

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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Rabbi Michael Unger, a veteran resident of the community established by Ohr Somayach in Zichron Yaakov, was learning in the yeshiva's branch when he came across a classical work of Rabbi Moshe Isserles (RaMo) written 500 years ago, which he felt desperately needed to be reprinted. He put in a major effort to correct and retype the Toras Chatoss and sent a letter to a publisher offering him the finished manuscript.

No response came because the letter was misplaced and ended up among some important documents. Exactly 14 years to the day that the letter was sent, it was found and a call immediately came from the interested publisher. Nine months of intensive work followed and this past Chanukah saw the publication of Toras Chatoss and Toras Ha'ashom (along with the Minchas Yaakov written some 300 years ago) now available in Hebrew book stores.

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