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For the week ending 17 February 2018 / 2 Adar II 5778

Parshat Teruma

by Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair -
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G-d commands Moshe to build a Mishkan (Sanctuary) and supplies him with detailed instructions. The Children of Israel are asked to contribute precious metals and stones, fabrics, skins, oil and spices. In the Mishkan's outer courtyard are an altar for the burnt offerings and a laver for washing. The Tent of Meeting is divided by a curtain into two chambers. The outer chamber is accessible only to the kohanim, the descendants of Aharon. This contains the table of showbreads, the menorah, and the golden altar for incense. The innermost chamber, the Holy of Holies, may be entered only by the kohen gadol, and only once a year, on Yom Kippur. Here is the Ark that held the Ten Commandments inscribed on the two tablets of stone that G-d gave to the Jewish nation on Mount Sinai. All of the utensils and vessels, as well as the construction of the Mishkan, are described in great detail.


The Giving Heart

“...from every man whose heart is giving, from him you shall take My portion.” (25:2)

What can I really give to G-d?

The prophet Haggai (2:8) said, “’To Me is the silver, to Me is the gold,’ says G-d.” In reality, I own nothing.

Except for one thing.

The desire to give. That belongs to me.

“...from every man whose heart is giving, from him you shall take My portion.”

Someone who gives to G-d, but gives grudgingly, is really not giving anything at all.

This is the meaning of the above verse: G-d’s “portion” is the giving heart; that G-d tells Moshe to take. Except for this, we have nothing at all to give.

  • Source: Torat Moshe

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