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Topic: Brushes, Made of Pigs' Hair

Jack wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Shalom: I had a quick question for "Ask the Rabbi": I recently bought a new hair brush. After purchasing it in a hurry, I noticed that the package boasts the fact that it's bristles are made of 100% BOAR HAIR!! So, my question is, is there something inherently "unkosher" about brushing my hair with such a brush?? Is there a restriction about possessing non-edible pig products ? Thanks!!

Dear Jack,

About oinkers, The Torah says "You shall not eat of their flesh." The Sages explain that the Torah prohibits eating the flesh only. But the hoofs, hair and bones (excluding the marrow), you are allowed to eat.

Certainly, then, your 100% boar's-hair brush is 100% kosher! (But I don't advise that you eat it.)

Speaking of animal-products:

Two cats are watching a tennis match. After a while, one cat turns to the other and says, "My father was in that racquet."
  • Leviticus 11:8
  • Torat Kohanim 4:8

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