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Topic: Extraterrestrials & Belief in God

Jonah Wahrman wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Tonight, July 3rd, on the Ted Koppel Nightline show, an interesting comment was made. The discussion concerned the supposed incident that took place in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, where the claim is being made that a space ship crash landed that contained the bodies of extra-terrestrials. Two men were interviewed, one a believer in the space craft and one a former believer and a former commercial airplane pilot who is now a non-believer. Mr. Koppel made the statement that anyone who has religious faith would be a believer in the Roswell incident, as a belief in G-d is a belief in an extra-terrestrial being! An interesting concept. Any comments?

Dear Jonah Wahrman,

Mr. Koppel is making a major mistake, based on an extremely superficial comparison. He is confusing two totally different ideas. Belief in G-d is belief in an infinite, non-physical being, beyond time and space. He does not live within our reality, we live within His reality. Belief in extra-terrestrials is belief that there are finite, physical beings who live on other planets. Belief in God obviously does not mean belief that physical beings live on other planets, and vice versa.

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