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Topic: Fish, What Happened during The Flood

Jacqueline Spiegel from the Bronx, NY wrote:

I have read (and I am afraid I cannot give sources, sorry) that:
  • The fish were saved from being destroyed by the flood
  • The flood water was scalding hot

I was just wondering how this contradictory information is resolved. Thanks so much.

Dear Jacqueline Spiegel,

Good question! In fact, the Ramban wrote about this around 800 years ago. He gives two possible answers:

  • The scalding water was in streams (like the Gulf Stream) above the continents only.
  • Even if the boiling water was in the oceans, it would rise to the top (because heat rises) and the fish could escape to the depths for the 40 days.

This second answer does not explain how sea mammals - such as whales and dolphins who come to the surface to breathe - were saved.


  • Ramban, Bereishit 7:23

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