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Topic: Sefer Yetzira, Definition

Ofer Gamliel wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

What do you know about Sefer Yetzira? Can this book be at home? Thank you.

Dear Ofer Gamliel,

Sefer Yetzira - "The Book of Creation" - is a work of deep Kabbalah. As its name implies, it deals with the secrets of Creation, including powerful Hebrew letter combinations of mystical creative energy. By studying Sefer Yetzira, the Talmudic Sages learned letter combinations which enabled them to create humanoids and animals.

Sefer Yetzira is attributed to Avraham. According to a Midrash, it was written by G-d and given to Avraham who studied it with Shem and Ever.

Yes, you can have this book at home. But don't keep it with your cookbooks. It can only be studied by someone versed in Kabbalah.


  • Tractate Sanhedrin 65b

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