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Topic: Depression, Available Resources

[Name Withheld] from Georgia, USA wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

What resources are available for depressed Jewish CEO's/professionals? My very good friend is in need of contacts or support in what is a very difficult and confusing time. I want to somehow guide him towards a Torah based approach to his depression and seeming state of "stuckness" and perhaps help him find a Jewish Professional Support System. He feels alone and confused and I want to help.

Rabbi ... I am soon converting and he is not particularly observant ... I don't want to make him feel like I'm pushing his heritage on him at a time when he is trying to find his own path, I do feel strongly however in the wisdom and absolute power of Torah in transforming life and providing the answer to ALL of life's issues. How can I serve best as a support system and what are some possible options for him? Thank you.

Dear [Name Withheld],

Your sensitivity is admirable. You're probably right to avoid doing anything he will feel is "pushing his heritage on him."

It's difficult via email to address your specific situation. As for a reference, I suggest you contact either of the two people listed below. I'm sure they will be able to refer you to a sensitive Torah-oriented professional.

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman or Rabbi Menachem Deutsch Atlanta Scholars Kollel (A.S.K.)

2191-A Briarcliff Road Atlanta, Georgia 30329 Phone: 321-4085, 636-3362 Fax: 325-3788

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