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The Cemetery Next Door & Hawaiian Punch

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Topic: Cemetery, Living Next to

Baruch from Shipper, New York wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Is there any halachic reason (or Jewish spook reasons) about buying a home next to a cemetery? (We are not Kohanim.) Do you know if Hawaiian Punch is kosher?

Dear Baruch,

When my mother was little she lived not far from a cemetery. One day, she and her sister brought their mother a present they had found there: A beautiful ring of flowers with a ribbon that said "Mother."

A cemetery is no place to wander about or pick flowers, especially alone at night ("Jewish spook reasons"). However, I know of no reason not to live next to a cemetery.

I'm not sure how to answer your question about Hawaiian Punch, but I'll take a jab at it. In general, processed food needs kashrut certification in order to ensure that it is kosher. For example, some "natural" flavors are made from non-kosher animals. So look on the label for the symbol of a reliable kashrut certification agency.

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