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Topic: Exercising while Praying

Lawrence Stein wrote:

I'd like to know whether it is acceptable to say daily morning prayers (introductory and psukei d'zimra only) while exercising on a Nordic Track (it's basically a cross-country ski treadmill)? Having tried it for a number of weeks, I find that this is a great way to improve both my spiritual and physical health. Because the nature of the exercise is so rhythmic and intense, I am able to concentrate as well, if not better, than during solitary prayer. Thank you.

Dear Lawrence Stein,

It sounds fun. However, it's not really appropriate to engage in other activities while praying. Praying with a congregation in a Synagogue might also help you improve concentration, although the exercise aspect will be lacking unless you run to services and "shuckle" a lot back and forth during the prayers.

If you want to say additional verses or prayers while exercising, that's fine. But personally, if you have enough wind to recite prayers and verses, I think you're not exercising hard enough.

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