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Topic: Humor, E-Mail

Rachel wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Do you know Jewish humor email lists? Looking. Shalom

Dear Rachel:

Ohr Somayach has a few pieces of Jewish humor:

Top Ten Lists

Chopped Liver cartoons:

Yossi & Co. Comic strip:

In the meantime, here’s one:

An Israeli official, desperate to buy a new fighter jet costing $50 million, comes up with an idea. He will seek out one thousand donors and ask them for $50,000 a piece. His friend, listening to him pitch this idea, says "But the jet will never get off the ground!"

"Why not?"

"Do have any idea how much a thousand plaques weigh?"

When are your Shabbat Candles like a United States President?

riddle submitted by Binyamin Franklin <[email protected]>

Answer: When they’re A’blinkin’!

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