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Goliath's Skull

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Topic: Golliath's Skull

Michael Vincen Obar from Sisters, Oregon wrote:
Dear Rabbi,

I heard rumors of Goliath's skull being found in the wailing wall and would like to know if the rumors are rumors or if they're true. If it's true, can you also give me details?

Dear Michael Vincen Obar,

Actually it is impossible that Goliath's skull or anything would be buried in the vicinity of the Western Wall for two reasons:

  • No one was ever buried in the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • The Temple had to be pure, and any dead body (or parts thereof) would be a source of ritual defilement.

In the Book of Samuel I, 17:54-55 it states that David brought the head to Jerusalem to show Saul, but it does not state anything about the burial site. The sword of Goliath was actually placed in the Temple later as a reminder of the miracle (Radak, ad loc.)

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