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Topic: God, Name, "HaMakom" (Omnipresent)

Ilana Rosansky from NYC wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

G-d is called Hamakom, which litterally means "The Place." For example: "HaMakom y'nachem etchem - May the Omnipresent comfort you," or "Baruch HaMakom, baruch Hu - Blessed is the Omnipresent, blessed is He." What is the origin/source of this name for G-d?

Dear Ilana Rosansky,

The Pesiktah Rabbati, Parsha 21, explains that "Hamakom" - The Place - as a name for G-d means "He is the place of the world, the world is not His place." This name stresses the concept that G-d created space, and that space is within G-d, and not the reverse.

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