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Topic: Red Sea, Splitting, Symbolism

Deb Wiener wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Hi, Rabbi, and Happy Pesach. I'm aware of a cassette Ohr Somayach offers called "The Parting of the Waves: Moses and the Red Sea - The mystical meaning of the splitting of the Red Sea," by Rabbi Mordechai Becher. I'm fascinated and would like to find out about this. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Dear Deb Wiener,

Here's a brief idea from the class. The world contains "form" and "matter." Matter is pure material that is not formed into a shape and has no purpose as yet. Form is the goal, purpose and shape that is given to matter. Water symbolizes matter, because it has no form and takes on the shape of whatever vessel it's placed in. On a symbolic, mystical level, by splitting the waters of the Red Sea, Moshe showed that no matter or material force can stand in the way of the Jewish people's "form" or destiny.

To find out how to order this or other tapes, please check out on the Ohr Somayach Interactive Website.

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