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Topic: Blessing for Daughters Friday Night

Anonymous from Singapore wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I'm involved in a musical production called "Fiddler on the Roof" by Singapore Lyric Theatre. I require the information below in order to portray accurately Jewish customs and traditions: 1)During a wedding, is there a special container that is used to contain the Holy water? 2)During the Sabbath Friday night, what do the Jews normally eat? Will there be Holy Communion? 3)When will the head of the household pronounce blessings over his children? For blessings on daughters, does the father bless them to be like Rachael and Leah or Ruth and Esther? Thank you very much for your answers!

Dear Anonymous,

There are no "holy water" or "communion" rituals in Judaism. Traditional Sabbath foods are braided bread, wine, fish and meat and potato kugel (pudding).

Before the Friday night meal, the father blesses his daughters to be like Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah. The "Fiddler" lyrics "May you be like Ruth and like Esther" are one of that show's many inaccuracies.

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