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Topic: Kaddish for Pet

Alan Novak from Raleigh, NC wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I am a volunteer at the North Carolina State Veterinarian school. One of the vets is also a minister, who is with people when they have to put an animal to sleep. She asked me if there is a specific prayer for Jewish people when their animal has to be put to sleep. Please advise if there is something in the Torah or elsewhere in the Bible. Thank you for taking the time to answer this question. After we had to put our Labrador to sleep, who we had for over 13 years, we went to shul (synagogue) on Shabbos and said kaddish for a special member of our family.

Dear Alan Novak,

Although it can be traumatic putting a pet to sleep, there is no special prayer that one recites, and saying "kaddish" for a dog would not be appropriate. But a person can always pray to G-d for any of his needs, and in any language.

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