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Will Purim Make Him Poor?

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Topic: Purim, Working/Profiting On Day Of

From: Y. B.

Dear Rabbi,

I am asking my work for a day off on Purim. If I take the day off with pay (as one of the vacation days to which I'm entitled) I won't hurt my stance with the company to get promoted. But if I take the day off without pay, it could hinder my promotion. I'm paid hourly, meaning that I would be paid for the actual hours of Purim day. Am I allowed to take the day off, and be paid for those hours, or must I take the day off without pay?

Dear Y. B.,

You can take the day and the pay. The prohibition to work on Purim is in order that a person should not divert himself from the festive atmosphere of the day, but there is no prohibition to profit financially in any other manner. It is worth noting that if a person enjoys his business and that causes him joy, strictly speaking there is no prohibition (but it is preferable to refrain nonetheless). Also, a person is ill-advised to act in a manner that causes him to suffer a financial loss since that also detracts from his festive spirit.

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