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Eating Meat & Dairy on the Concorde

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Topic: Concorde, Eating Meat & Dairy

Sometimes our readers think of the most ingenious questions. The following question was so cute that we decided to share it with you. However, we'll leave you to decide the Halacha.

Dear Rabbi,

As I was eating my cheese sandwich just before boarding the Concorde in London, Heathrow, I noticed the clock above the gate read 6:00pm. After a most enjoyable flight, I arrived at New York's JFK Airport, deplaned, and waited to retrieve my luggage. Since I was a bit hungry, I reached into my hand luggage and took out a corned beef sandwich that I had packed for just such an occasion. However, as I was eating it, I noticed the clock above the luggage conveyor belt said 5:59pm. Does this mean that I transgressed the prohibition against eating milk immediately after meat?

Some hints for our readers:

  • The custom of waiting for a period of time after eating meat ranges from 1 hour in Yecke (German) communities to a full 6 hours in Litvish (Lithuanian) communities.
  • The cheese sandwich was made from soft American cheese.
  • The corned beef sandwich was glatt, but the label attesting to this had fallen off somewhere in London.
  • The baggage carousel at JFK is located before the customs area.

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