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The first night of Chanukah is Wednesday December 25, 2024
The eighth night is Wednesday January 1, 2025
Remember to light both the chanukah candles and the Shabbat candles before Shabbat begins

NEW VIDEO! This brand new exciting video presentation features Ohr Somayach’s luminaries, Rosh Hayeshiva Rabbi Nota Schiller, Rav of Kehillat Ohr Somayach Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz, Senior Lecturers Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb and Rabbi Dovid Kaplan. Watch this 42 minute film and enter into the spirit of Chanukah by infusing this Yom Tov with meaning and understanding.

> Freedom of/from Religion > Rabbi Weinbach's Chanukah Message (audio)
> Artists of the Soul > Greeks vs Torah
> It's That Time of Year Again > Talmudic Inights Into Chanuka
> The Laws of Chanuka > The Chanuka Story
> The Secret of the Dreidel > Oil's Well That Ends Well
> 8 Reasons for 8 Miracles > A Chip Off the Old Block (audio)

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