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For the week ending 5 June 2004 / 16 Sivan 5764

A Second Chance

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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When our ancestors were commanded to offer a korban Pesach (Paschal sacrifice) a year after leaving Egypt, there were some who could not comply. They had become spiritually impure because of contact with the dead and were therefore ineligible for bringing this offering. They came to their leaders, Moshe and Aharon, with an outcry of "Why should we be left out!"

The result of this was that G-d told Moshe that these people would have a second chance. They would be able to offer a similar sacrifice a month later by which time they would have been purified from their contamination. Not only them but Jews in the future who missed out on the Korban Pesach in the month of Nissan would have a second chance to do so in Iyar.

The concept of a second chance is important in the lives of individuals and of the nation. Our generation has seen so many Jews who missed out on practicing Judaism in the early stage of their lives seize the opportunity of a second chance by returning to their roots. As we read this Shabbat about the second chance of the Korban Pesach, we pray that our entire people will utter a heartfelt cry of "Why should we be left out!" and return to the sacred ways of the ancestors of Israel forever.

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