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From its Jerusalem roots, Ohr Somayach branched out to become a multinational network of education and outreach, with centers in the United States, Canada, England, South Africa and Australia. Each year, tens of thousands attend programs, where Jewish values and heritage are taught in one-on-one study sessions, day-long Yom Iyun seminars, Shabbat-Weekend retreats, “lunch and learn” programs, part-time and full-time study programs as well as the popular annual Israel Experience.

With centers in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, South Florida, Los Angeles, Toronto, Thornhill, London, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Sydney, a network of talented professionals staff the Jewish Learning Exchange centers. People can be in touch through the Ohr Somayach web site www.ohr.edu and in the US a national toll-free information line to find out about the educational programs offered on an ongoing basis around the world.

Since 1980, the Jewish Learning Exchange have given thousands of men and women a new recognition of the relevance of Judaism in their lives. Educational programs to business executives and professionals are offered by staff members as they study topics in Jewish thought and textual analysis of classical works one-on-one.

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