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Situated on the main campus, the Tanenbaum Judaica Library contains a wide-ranging collection of over 10,000 volumes, covering every major trend in Judaica, with particularly extensive holdings of Talmudic commentaries, responsa and Kabbalistic literature. Limited-edition fine reprints of rare manuscripts from the Vatican, the Cairo Geniza and other collections are special features of the library.

The library is open daily in the afternoon. Manuscripts, special editions and other rare books are available for reference by appointment only. A librarian is on hand for reference, research and assistance.

A library of English-language Judaica whose books can be borrowed is also available on campus. The collection includes translations of classical works as well as English originals by contemporary authors.

Lectures and classes given by the distinguished faculty and guest speakers at Ohr Somayach are on sale at the library. These tapes are also available on loan through the English Library.

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