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For the week ending 3 February 2007 / 15 Shevat 5767

Where Did We Go Wrong?

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"Then the chiefs of Edom were shocked; the mighty men of Moav trembled; all the inhabitants of Canaan melted away."

This Shabbat Jews will be standing in respect while hearing these words from the song sung by our ancestors upon witnessing the drowning of their Egyptian pursuers.

After the Six Day War the Rosh Hayeshiva of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Rabbi Chaim Schmulevitz, zatzal, dramatically applied these words in a public lecture to the shock-waver that swept the Arab world in the wake of Israel's astounding victory over a collection of Arab armies.

Years later came the Arab intifadas with their demonstration of Arab fearlessness as their youngsters threw stones at Israeli soldiers and went on to suicide bombings.

Where did we go wrong?
Perhaps this is a question everyone in Israel should ask himself. A little soul-searching and a lot of improvement will certainly go a long way to restoring that fear which our enemies once had of us and thus secure Israel forever.

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