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For the week ending 28 March 2009 / 3 Nisan 5769

Investing in the Future

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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"Let the pure come and study the laws of the pure (sacrifices)."

This is how our Sages explain the custom of Jewish children beginning their study of Chumash with this week's Torah portion dealing with sacrifices.

While this is a tribute to the purity of tots not yet responsible for their mistakes, it can perhaps also be seen as a lesson regarding the sacrifices a Jew must make in order to learn and live Torah.

These pure children are the future of our people and they must be given the opportunity to develop their purity through Torah study. It is the responsibility of all Jews to do their utmost to see that the institutions providing such education have the means to carry on their sacred work.

It is hoped that the government in Israel will appreciate the opportunity Heaven has given it to support the Torah institutions on an equal basis with the regular government schools. This is the best investment in the future of Israel forever.

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