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For the week ending 14 November 2009 / 26 Heshvan 5770

No Complaints

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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Although the Patriarch Avraham was promised the entire land of Canaan, which would eventually become the Eretz Yisrael homeland of his descendants, he was unable to find a burial plot for his wife in the land he owned and was compelled to purchase one from the Hittite inhabitants.

The fact that Avraham voiced no complaints to G-d about the irony of such a situation is repeatedly cited in our sources as a tribute to his unquestioning faith in G-d.

As descendants of Avraham who have merited living in the Land given to him, we must internalize the lesson he taught us. Although this Land is truly ours we find ourselves repeatedly challenged by our neighbors and their champions as to our right to live here in peace. We too are enjoined to maintain our faith and make no complaints to Heaven.

It is such faith, together with our prayers for peace, which will inevitably secure Israel forever.

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