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For the week ending 12 December 2009 / 24 Kislev 5770

The Few Against the Many

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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In the “Al Hanissim” prayer that we add to our service and grace after meals, we thank G-d for "delivering the many into the hands of the few."

This is a reference to the miraculous victory achieved by a vastly outnumbered Jewish army over their Hellenist oppressors.

When we repeat this prayer over and over during the eight days of Chanukah we internalize the message that it was not heroism and military genius alone which achieved this victory against all odds, but rather Heavenly intervention.

In a time when Israel is consistently outvoted in UN bodies and faces diplomatic and military threats from so many countries, it is important to maintain our faith that if we remain loyal to our G-d He will once again deliver the many into the hands of the few and secure Israel forever.

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