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For the week ending 3 August 2013 / 26 Av 5773

Pesachim 44 - 50

by Rabbi Moshe Newman
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Our Rabbi taught, “A man should sell everything he owns in order to marry the daughter of a Torah scholar.”

  • Pesachim 49b

Rabbi Acha bar Chanina taught, “This world is different from the World-to-Come. In this world one makes a blessing on good news — Blessed is the One Who is good and does good to others — while on sad news he says ‘Blessed is the true Judge’. In the World-to-Come there will be one blessing — the one for good tidings — for there will be no sad news.”

This is how the Sage explains the verse, “And G-d shall be King of the entire universe, and on that day G-d shall be One and His Name shall be One (Zecharia 14:9)”. This verse requires the above explanation of Rabbi Acha bar Chanina since it is a tenet of our faith that G-d is already One today.

  • Pesachim 50a

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